The Best Framer Website Templates for Online Courses in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Discover the best Framer templates for your online course

by Firdavs Abdunazarov

Creating a compelling and professional website for your online course is crucial for converting visitors into students. A well-designed course website template can significantly enhance the user experience, making it easier for potential students to navigate, understand, and enroll in your courses. In this article, we will explore the best Framer templates for online courses, highlighting their features and benefits to help you choose the perfect one for your needs.

Why Framer is the perfect tool for launching a course website

Framer is an ideal tool for launching a website for your online course due to its user-friendly interface and powerful features. Here are a few reasons why Framer stands out:

  • Ease of Editing and Updating: Framer's intuitive design tools make it easy to customize your website without needing extensive technical skills.

  • Seamless Integration: Framer integrates smoothly with various tools and platforms, allowing you to manage payments, user authentication, and content protection effortlessly.

  • Exceptional User Experience: Framer templates are designed to provide a smooth and engaging experience for your students, helping you retain and attract more learners.

  • Now, let's dive into the best Framer templates for online courses.

1. CoursePro

Price: $49

Preview link: Preview CoursePro

CoursePro is an exceptional landing page template that's bound to add a fun and exciting touch to your online course. Its stunning design is not only elegant but also features a dark-mode look, making it visually appealing. The template is versatile and responsive, ensuring it looks great on any device.

Key Features:
  • Unique Sections: Includes 10 unique sections for an immersive experience.

  • Responsive Design: Versatile and responsive design for different screen sizes.

  • Dark Mode: Features a visually appealing dark-mode look.

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2. Luma

Price: $69

Preview link: Preview Luma

Luma is an innovative solution that allows you to create membership sites with ease using Framer. With Luma, you can create visually impressive and engaging sites that will attract and retain your members. The best part is that you don't need any technical skills to get started.

Key Features:
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates with FramerAuth and LemonSqueezy for quick setup and easy selling.

  • User-Friendly: No technical skills required to create and manage your membership site.

  • Engaging Design: Visually impressive and engaging site designs to attract and retain members.

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3. Digistar

Price: $89

Preview link: Preview Digistar

Digistar is a versatile and intuitive online courses launcher website that enables you to manage and monetize your online courses in a convenient and effective way. Whether you're a teacher, an entrepreneur, or a content creator, Digistar offers a range of features that make it easy to create engaging and interactive courses that your students will love.

Key Features:
  • Versatile Course Formats: Create courses in video, audio, text, and quiz formats.

  • Customizable: Customize your courses to fit your brand and style.

  • Marketing Tools: Includes marketing and promotion tools to help you reach a wider audience.

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4. CourseHub

Price: Free

Preview link: Preview CourseHub

Perfect for educators and experts, CourseHub is a sleek online course template that lets you share knowledge and monetize your skills. Start with free teaser lessons to captivate learners, then offer full course access for sale. It's designed for a seamless teaching and buying experience, focusing on easy course management and secure transactions.

Key Features:
  • Course Portal: Centralized portal for managing courses.

  • User Accounts: Manage user accounts with ease.

  • Dark/Light Mode: Offers both dark and light mode options..

Use CourseHub for Free

5. CourseOS

Price: $150

Preview link: Preview CourseOS

The Course Operating System (COS) is an innovative and user-friendly Framer template that provides a powerful platform to construct and host your online courses. With the COS, you can design and develop your course materials, including interactive lessons, engaging multimedia content, and immersive learning experiences, all directly within the Framer environment.

Key Features:
  • Integrated Environment: Design and develop course materials directly within Framer.

  • Content Protection: Protect your course content using Outseta.

  • User Management: Robust functionalities for authentication and user management.

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6. Mastery

Price: $99

Preview Link: Preview Mastery

Template name is Mastery. Mastery is a Framer template specifically designed for promoting and selling online courses. With this template, you can create an engaging and professional-looking website that showcases your course content and encourages visitors to enroll.

Key Features:
  • Secure Payments: Integrates with Lemon Squeezy for managing payments and subscriptions.

  • Content Protection: Uses FramerAuth to ensure only enrolled students can access your course materials.

  • 3 landing page versions: Mastery offers 3 unique landing page designs for customers to choose from.

Buy Mastery for $99


Choosing the right course website template is essential for creating a professional and engaging online course. Framer offers a variety of templates that cater to different needs and preferences, making it easier for you to find the perfect fit. Whether you're looking for a sleek design, robust security features, or easy customization options, there's a Framer template that will meet your requirements. Explore these templates and take your online course website to the next level.

Firdavs Abdunazarov is the founder of templates. He is a certified Framer expert and official Framer Partner.

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