Grow your Substack newsletter with a stunning custom website

Susbtackr is a Framer website template built specifically for Susbtack newsletters

by Firdavs Abdunazarov

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Are you a Substack writer looking to grow your newsletter subscriber base and convert more visitors into loyal subscribers? Look no further than Substackr - a Framer website template designed specifically for Substack newsletters. Substackr is a simple yet elegant Framer template that allows Substack writers to launch a visually appealing custom website that not only attracts more visitors but also seamlessly converts them into subscribers. Let's dive into what makes Substackr a game-changer for newsletter creators:

Website template built for Substack newsletters

Substackr is a versatile website template tailored for Substack newsletters, offering a host of features to help creators grow and monetize their audience effectively. With Substackr, you can create a beautiful online presence that not only showcases your newsletter content but also provides a platform to sell digital products to your engaged audience.

Pages Included in the Template

1. Landing Page 1: One of two landing page designs to make a captivating first impression on your visitors.

2. Landing Page 2: Second landing page as an option for your custom website.

3. Products: A dedicated page to showcase all of your digital products. These can be paid products like resources, ebooks, or templates but can also be free resources you want to give away to your readers.

4. Product Detail Page: The products page dives deeper into each digital resource and helps users understand what the product is about and see the visuals.

5. 404 Page: Handle errors gracefully with a custom 404 page.

Template tutorial series as a bonus

In addition to the template itself, Substackr offers a valuable bonus package in the form of a tutorial series. The tutorial series walks you through each aspect of customizing the site so you can easily launch the website. The tutorial series is valued at $39 but customers get it or absolutely free.

Unique Features of Substackr

1. Direct Integration with Substack: Seamlessly add new subscribers to your Substack list using Substack forms, eliminating the need for third-party tools or manual user additions. This is one of the best features of the template. Most websites don't allow you to automatically add new subscribers to your Substack list. Substackr integrates directly with the Substack platform making it easy to add new subscribers to your list.

2. Newsletter & Digital Store Integration: Combine the power of a newsletter with a digital store to not only grow your subscriber base but also monetize your content through digital products.

3. Powerful CMS & Lemonsqueezy Integration: Easily manage and sell your digital products through a user-friendly CMS. Lemonsqueezy integration streamlines the selling process without redirecting users from your site.

4. Fully Customizable and Responsive: Tailor the template to suit your preferences and ensure a seamless user experience across all devices with its responsive design.

Grow your Substack newsletter with Substackr

With Substackr, you can take your Substack newsletter to new heights by creating a visually stunning website that captivates visitors and converts them into loyal subscribers. Embrace the power of Substackr to grow your audience, monetize your content, and establish a strong online presence that reflects the essence of your newsletter. Check out the website template at

Firdavs Abdunazarov is the founder of templates. He is a certified Framer expert and official Framer Partner.

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